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Asken Diet members get unique diet and nutrition advice from our A.I. nutritionist built by our team of licensed dietitians. By connecting your Asken Diet account with Strava, your diet advice gets even more personalized as Asken Diet analyzes your activities and calories burned from your Strava activity. Asken Diet is available on the iOS and Google Play stores.

Connect with Strava
To sync your Strava activities with your Asken Diet account, follow the steps below. Once your accounts are connected, activities that appear in your Strava account will show up in the Exercise section of Asken Diet. 

Make sure you are already logged in to Strava on your phone
1. Open the Asken Diet and tap “App & Devices”
2. Tap “Connect to Strava”
3. Connection completed

Not logged in to Strava on your phone
If you are not already logged in to Strava on your phone, you will be prompted (in Asken Diet app in the above step #2) to log in to your Strava account before you can proceed to connect your Asken Diet account to Strava. This authorization is needed to share activities and calories burned data between the two accounts.

Confirm connection
If you want to confirm your Asken Diet account is connected to Strava, you can check from within the Strava settings page by going to 'Settings' > 'My Apps' and there you will see Asken Diet, or simply visit: www.strava.com/settings/apps