Asken Diet Launches in the United States with Meal Photo Analysis Technology

California, USA: Sept 12, 2017, Asken Diet, the app-based weight loss program with a built in digital A.I. dietitian, has launched in the United States with a database containing millions of foods and hundreds of national restaurants and food brands. In an effort to provide Americans with the most personal and comprehensive diet tracking information, Asken Diet is bringing its extensive food database to the United States after a successful launch in Canada late last year.

The app, which has almost 2 million users worldwide, is unique because of its built in artificial intelligence that provides nutritional advice and diet insights uniquely tailored to each user. Our team of hundreds of licensed nutritionists and dietitians have worked tirelessly to create a database of nutritional advice that the Asken Diet app uses to guide users throughout their diet. Members can continue to eat their favorite foods while still losing weight and living healthier lives by better understanding their diet. Asken Diet helps users more easily and accurately track food, water and exercise; and it’s free to download at

Asken Diet has an easy-to-use barcode scanner that captures nutritional information from a large database of nationwide foods after a quick scan. The app also recently partnered with the Sony Network Communications team to build our meal photo analysis technology. This feature, currently in beta, allows users to snap a photo of their entire meal (food and drinks) and easily log the meal with one photo. The app will identify the items in the picture and users simply confirm the items and log it all at once.

Asken Diet Premium service gives nutritional advice after each meal and breakdown of their diet across 16 various nutrients. Free members get daily advice after logging all three meals in a day.

Asken Diet is doctor-recommended and seamlessly integrates with popular health and fitness apps and devices like Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit. The Asken Diet experience gives users the ability to share data through these connected services to help them achieve powerful, personalized results.

About Asken Inc.
Founded on September 1st, 2016 by parent company WIT Co., Ltd., Asken Inc.’s mission is to support its users to “be the best you”. This is done through the app’s daily advice carefully tailored to each user’s dietary needs. The Japanese version of the app has over 1.5 million registered users giving newly formed Asken Inc. a significant amount of learnings which allows the company to adjust and improve the app to best meet the needs of its growing North American community of users. Join the millions of users experiencing weight loss that lasts by visiting or downloading the Asken Diet app for Android or iPhone.

Asken Inc.
Mike Staffa