Asken Diet available for the Fitbit Ionic

Want to lose weight but don’t know how? Asken Diet has everything you need to better understand your diet and nutritional intake. The more you log, the better the app will be able to provide custom tailored nutritional advice just for you. Now you can get nutritional advice right on your wrist with the new Fitbit OS app by Asken Diet built for the Fitbit Ionic watch.

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You can view your calorie intake, calories burned and water logged. Once you have logged your meals, you can read your diet and nutritional advice, curated for you by our team of licensed dietitians and nutritionists, right on your Ionic device. First, connect your Asken Diet and Fitbit accounts through the Asken Diet mobile app (Side menu > Apps & Devices > Connect to Fitbit). Once your accounts are connected, any new nutritional data you record in Asken Diet will be synced and available on your Ionic.