New designer joins the team

We're very excited to welcome a new senior designer to the Asken team in Tokyo. Eric Hart has just joined us and he brings his own unique and impressive style to the Asken Diet app. As the senior designer, Eric is responsible for leading the design team in bringing the Japanese app to the North American market. From the color scheme to the overall UI/UX (and everything in between) of our diet app. 

Eric has already quickly made improvements to Asken Diet's main screen Calories in/burned charts as well as other UX tweaks adding up to an easier and more intuitive way for users of our health tracker app to quickly search and log foods and understand their calorie count.

Like everyone at Asken Diet, Eric understands that with an app like Asken Diet, the easier it is to log and track food, the faster the user can unlock their daily nutritional advice curated by our team of dietitians.

Welcome to the team, Eric!