Holidays means food. Lots of food. Use Asken Diet to easily track your nutrients.

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The holidays are here. That likely means larger than usual meals friends family and friends. From Thanksgiving to New Years, these few months can be a nightmare for people trying to diet. At Asken Diet, we totally understand! 

But the holidays doesn't need to be too stressful. Watching what you eat and balancing your meals can be simplified by using Asken Diet. With it, you can easily track your foods (enter foods from our database, scan a packaged good's barcode, take a photo of it and all our photo analysis tech to identify it). Once logged, our AI Nutritionist (we've named her "Miki") will provide curated and customized nutritional advice tailored specifically for you!

The more you log and track, the better the AI Nutritionist ("Miki") gets. She will review the food and drink you have logged each day and give actionable feedback.  She will also give some advice on what kinds of nutrients you might want to get for the next day.

The advice feature is free for all users (Premium and Free users). Premium users get nutritional advice after each meal logged while Free members get advice after logging all three meals in a day.

Enjoy the holiday season. It's ok to enjoy the foods of the season, just track it and see how you are doing so you can make the most informed decisions for your next meal! Download our app today and "Miki" will be ready to advise you!

Happy holidays from all of us at Asken Diet