Multi-search to easily log your entire meal

Our team has been hard at work designing and building a new multi-search function. Users are able to search multiple items in the database (ie milk, eggs, yogurt) simply by putting two spaces after each keyword or a comma. The items in the search bar generate individual keywords in the search bar so when you tap “search” it will look for each item and display the search results on one screen.

We hope it helps save you time so you can log your items even more quickly and get back to your busy schedules!

Mult 1.png
Mult 2.png

Completely revamped charts now live for iOS and Android.

The design team finished up a complete re-design of the charts experience for users and the iOS/Android teams built and released it.

At Asken Diet, we understand how hard users work to eat better, live healthier lives and learn about nutrition through using our app. As you get closer and closer to your diet goals, we want the charts to not only be beautiful but also intuitive and informative to use.

We hope users enjoy using the new charts section.


Holidays means food. Lots of food. Use Asken Diet to easily track your nutrients.

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 2.29.31 PM.png

The holidays are here. That likely means larger than usual meals friends family and friends. From Thanksgiving to New Years, these few months can be a nightmare for people trying to diet. At Asken Diet, we totally understand! 

But the holidays doesn't need to be too stressful. Watching what you eat and balancing your meals can be simplified by using Asken Diet. With it, you can easily track your foods (enter foods from our database, scan a packaged good's barcode, take a photo of it and all our photo analysis tech to identify it). Once logged, our AI Nutritionist (we've named her "Miki") will provide curated and customized nutritional advice tailored specifically for you!

The more you log and track, the better the AI Nutritionist ("Miki") gets. She will review the food and drink you have logged each day and give actionable feedback.  She will also give some advice on what kinds of nutrients you might want to get for the next day.

The advice feature is free for all users (Premium and Free users). Premium users get nutritional advice after each meal logged while Free members get advice after logging all three meals in a day.

Enjoy the holiday season. It's ok to enjoy the foods of the season, just track it and see how you are doing so you can make the most informed decisions for your next meal! Download our app today and "Miki" will be ready to advise you!

Happy holidays from all of us at Asken Diet

Asken Diet Launches in the United States with Meal Photo Analysis Technology

California, USA: Sept 12, 2017, Asken Diet, the app-based weight loss program with a built in digital A.I. dietitian, has launched in the United States with a database containing millions of foods and hundreds of national restaurants and food brands. In an effort to provide Americans with the most personal and comprehensive diet tracking information, Asken Diet is bringing its extensive food database to the United States after a successful launch in Canada late last year.

The app, which has almost 2 million users worldwide, is unique because of its built in artificial intelligence that provides nutritional advice and diet insights uniquely tailored to each user. Our team of hundreds of licensed nutritionists and dietitians have worked tirelessly to create a database of nutritional advice that the Asken Diet app uses to guide users throughout their diet. Members can continue to eat their favorite foods while still losing weight and living healthier lives by better understanding their diet. Asken Diet helps users more easily and accurately track food, water and exercise; and it’s free to download at

Asken Diet has an easy-to-use barcode scanner that captures nutritional information from a large database of nationwide foods after a quick scan. The app also recently partnered with the Sony Network Communications team to build our meal photo analysis technology. This feature, currently in beta, allows users to snap a photo of their entire meal (food and drinks) and easily log the meal with one photo. The app will identify the items in the picture and users simply confirm the items and log it all at once.

Asken Diet Premium service gives nutritional advice after each meal and breakdown of their diet across 16 various nutrients. Free members get daily advice after logging all three meals in a day.

Asken Diet is doctor-recommended and seamlessly integrates with popular health and fitness apps and devices like Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit. The Asken Diet experience gives users the ability to share data through these connected services to help them achieve powerful, personalized results.

About Asken Inc.
Founded on September 1st, 2016 by parent company WIT Co., Ltd., Asken Inc.’s mission is to support its users to “be the best you”. This is done through the app’s daily advice carefully tailored to each user’s dietary needs. The Japanese version of the app has over 1.5 million registered users giving newly formed Asken Inc. a significant amount of learnings which allows the company to adjust and improve the app to best meet the needs of its growing North American community of users. Join the millions of users experiencing weight loss that lasts by visiting or downloading the Asken Diet app for Android or iPhone.

Asken Inc.
Mike Staffa

New feature: meal photo analysis technology

We are excited to announce that using Asken Diet to log your meals just got even easier! Our team has partnered with the Sony Network Communications team to add meal photo analysis technology to the Asken Diet app that analyzes users' photos to identify the food (or packaged item) and associated nutritional data. The  meal photo analysis tech (currently in beta) is capable of identifying multiple items in a single photo. 

Taking photos of you food is no longer for simply posting on social media, it is now the quickest way to analyze you meal's nutritional information, allowing Asken Diet users the fastest way to log and monitor their diet.

Both Asken Diet and the team from Sony are committed to continually improving the database to further improve the accuracy of the meal photo analysis technology. And as users contribute more images, the machine learning behind the technology will improve as well.

The meal photo analysis technology is the newest (and fastest) way users can log their entire meal. Users can also use the integrated bar code scanning function to scan packages or simply typing in the food, restaurant item or packaged food to log and track their meals.

Note: meal photo analysis technology is currently only available for Android. iOS version is coming in a future update.

New designer joins the team

We're very excited to welcome a new senior designer to the Asken team in Tokyo. Eric Hart has just joined us and he brings his own unique and impressive style to the Asken Diet app. As the senior designer, Eric is responsible for leading the design team in bringing the Japanese app to the North American market. From the color scheme to the overall UI/UX (and everything in between) of our diet app. 

Eric has already quickly made improvements to Asken Diet's main screen Calories in/burned charts as well as other UX tweaks adding up to an easier and more intuitive way for users of our health tracker app to quickly search and log foods and understand their calorie count.

Like everyone at Asken Diet, Eric understands that with an app like Asken Diet, the easier it is to log and track food, the faster the user can unlock their daily nutritional advice curated by our team of dietitians.

Welcome to the team, Eric!

New site launched

We are excited to refresh our website and launch it today. As our service (and team) grows, we will be sharing more news and information about the features and functions our team is adding to the Asken Diet app.

Stay tuned for more updates for both the iOS and Android versions of the app. If you have an idea or feature you think we should add, feel free to contact us.

Happy dieting!
- Your Asken Diet team

Add custom meal entries

Users of the latest Android version of Asken Diet now have the ability to create and add custom meal entries.  Over time, the app will be populated with user-generated meal content allowing users to more easily log the foods they have throughout the day.  This leads to more accurate health and diet recommendations and an overall improved user experience.

Stay tuned for a similar update to our iOS app as well.

Thanks and happy dieting!
- Your Asken Diet team