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Is asken diet free to use?

The basic function on asken-diet is all free of charge. After you become a member, a premium service is available for 7 days for free. You can get advice for every meal as you input your food intake.

When the trial period finishes, the premium service is no longer available. You can continue using the basic function for free. Automatic settlement is not carried out.

You can continue to get free advice when you record three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

The followings are available services regarding to basic service and premium service.

■ The content of basic service
・Record meals
・Record exercises
・Get advice every day by recording the three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). 
・Set the goal.

■ The content of premium service (Paid service. Registration is necessary.)
・Include all the basic service
・Receive advice for every meal
・No advertisement.

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