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how to set the target weight.

By setting the target weight, you can fix calorie intake and consumption calorie according to your goal.

■ How to set the target weight

1. Click the menu on the left above, and choose "Goal".
2. Click"Set the goal".
3. Input "Current body weight", "Target body weight", and "Physical activity level". Then, click "Next".

STEP 2: Choose "Weight loss pace", "Target", and then click "Next".

The setting for "target weight" is completed. 

※ When choosing "Sedentary" for Physical activity level, "Recommended calorie" becomes lower, and it increases in "High activity" .

※ When setting "Work very hard" , and "Diet centered" for the pace, "Recommended calorie" becomes lower. Setting "Do my best" and "Exercise base diet" makes "Recommended calorie" increase.