Sync with Google Fit or Apple Health
- Go to side menu and tap "Apps and Devices"
- Click "connect" to sync with Google Fit or Apple Health
Sync weight and step count with Google Fit or Apple Health

Regarding issues with Google Fit syncing:

Step counts different:
Google fit is unique in terms of when it sync with Asken Diet. Please try these steps to see if this initiates a sync with the fit app.

Asken Diet will sync with Google Fit any time the following actions are completed within the Asken Diet app:
- when the Asken Diet app is opened after a force close
- when you navigate to a screen selected from the Asken Diet's Menu screen

Changed phones:
If you recently changed Android phones, you might have to reactivate the Google Fit app to make sure it is syncing with Asken Diet. Here is a support document from Google regarding Google Fit syncing: https://support.google.com/fit/?hl=en#6075067