How Your Calorie Output and Exercise Calories are Calculated

1. Calorie Output

Recommended calorie output is set equal to the EER. However, if you set your target weight below your current weight, the recommended calorie output will be adjusted accordingly.

■Recommended Exercise Calories

Recommended Exercise Calories = (EER-RMR) x 0.8 2)

2) The difference between the EER and the RMR equals the recommended calorie output achieved through exercise and daily activity. While users may achieve this through activities of varying strength, our app can only keep track of exercises assigned 3 METs or higher. Because our analysis shows that approximately 80% of users’ exercises are 3 METs or higher, Asken Diet sets the Recommended Exercise Calories as 80% of the difference between EER and RMR.

2. Calculation of Exercise Calories and the Amount of Exercise

Exercise calories & the amount of exercise is based on the Office of Disease Prevention and Health's "Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans 2008"

■ Calculating energy output from exercise amount:

Energy output (kcal) = METs3) × 0.0175 × weight (kg) × time exercised (minutes)

■ Calculating energy output from the number of steps:

Calculate the time walked based on the number of steps walked, then calculate the energy output from walking

Asken Diet estimates the total distance that you've traveled from the total number of steps taken. Using a standard speed of walking, we convert this number into the duration of time it would take the average person to achieve this distance. Using this duration of time, we calculate your energy output using average METs for walking.

Energy output (kcal) = 3.5 (METs)4) × 0.0175 × weight (kg) × time walked (min)

< Calculating time walked (min)>

Time walked (min) = height (m) × 0.455) × total number of steps ÷ 80 (m/min)6)

3) Asken Diet uses the MET values set forth in the Compendium of Physical Activities.

4) The MET value for regular walking (walking, 2.8 to 3.2 mph, level, moderate pace, firm surface) is 3.5.

5) Based on the below references, we are estimating the length of your steps as (height) × 0.45.

6) Based on the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, average walking speed is 2.8 to 3.2 mph (74 to 85m/min). We are using the median value of 80m/min.

Supervising Editor: Fumi Nihei Green, MS, RD