Healthy behavior changes are possible by using the Asken Diet app. Get achievable suggestions to that fit your lifestyle.

Why Asken Diet

Our service aims to empower everyone to make informed food choices. We promote health literacy by informing users about balanced diet choices and identifying discrepancies between their current diet. We make achievable suggestions towards a healthier lifestyle that fits each user’s values and lifestyle. We show users the path to a healthy lifestyle and support them throughout their diet journey with our app.

Users get:
- Get daily advice supporting you throughout your diet.
- Track calories plus 16 nutrients -- effective ways for beautiful skin and good health.
- Access guides about your eating habits so you are less likely to gain weight back.
- No need to buy fitness equipment or diet products!

App facts

After logging your meals, you get immediate feedback. Choosing from 200,000+ advice patterns, Asken Diet provides personalized feedback based on your weight, goals, diet, etc.

  • Free advice from an AI dietitian
    Asken Diet provides personalized feedback based on your weight, goals & diet.

  • Proven weight loss
    Asken Diet members (BMI ≥ 25*) lose on average of 8 lbs in the first 3 months of using Asken Diet.

  • Eat healthier
    Asken Diet contributes not only to decreased calorie intake, but an overall improvement in users’ diet.

  • Food Photo Analysis (beta)
    Quickly log your entire meal, including drinks, with the snap of a photo. Our app will analyze the photo and identify all the items.